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Hay y'all. It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, so I figured I'd celebrate with a collection update, plus some random other stuff. First, the collection.

First, a new poster. I bought it at KB Toys last weekended (funny enough, it was named "Ruby and Pearl" wut) and it was the first time I actually bought a poster like that in years, so I forgot how big it was. In the end, I had to rearrange my wall of posters:

Ignore the Lugia party streamer thing and the lei. The latter is only covered up some stickers (including Mareep).

It's gggrrrooowwwwnn. This is the top of my Second Bookcase, by the way.

New zukan! Some of them, anyway. Plus, the Deoxys buildable figure. He's so much fun. :> AND TYPHHLLOOOSSSSION. I love him so. ♥♥♥ Now I just need Vulpix/Ninetales and Flygon+evos and I'll be all set (bar the other legendary zukan I'm missing).

Entei and Dialga zukan are new, too. Funny enough, the Dialga zukan isn't that much bigger than the Jakks Pacific figure, so I often get them confused. @ A@

See? They look similar. Also, I love the Rayquaza zukan. He's so bendable! And speaking of Rayquaza...

Rayquaza VS Lugia VS KKKHHAAANNN!!!Palkia???

Sailor Moon is not happy to have these stickers/cards covering up a good fourth of her poster. xD

Lastly, my plushies/plush things, since I didn't include them in the last collection post of mine. The back of the pillow with Eevee and Poliwhirl and whatnot just has Ash and Pikachu cuddling, so I often keep that side face-down when I sleep.

Though all this is only about half of my collection. Everything else was too dark to take pictures of. And flash bites with this camera.

Also, while I was at KB Toys getting the "Ruby and Pearl" poster, I also stumbled across these:

Yeah. The "black" part tastes a bit funny, but overall they're pretty good. They also had Pikachu and Piplup marshmellow pops, but NONE of the AG toys/figures, which makes me sad, because those were the only reason I went in the first place. I should get some more.
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