Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

The varied collection sitting in it's natural habitat...

I realized everyone's collection pics show their room.
I took pics of my collection not laid out and nice looking.

It also includes things that I CONSTANTLY forget to add to real collection pics x.o

My main collection, 10th anniv Pokemon Fan, Cyclone 2, and Mew certificate :D
If I can find my trainer one, it'll go on the mirror as well.

My first season VHS collection (a few are missing...) some BK Pokeballs, a tin with some cards, two playsets (I lost the mini Pokemon inside >.<) and a couple boxes holding items I'm selling.

This is how most of my collection is stored. All nice and neat. Shoved into a shelf thingy. ^^;;;

All the stuff I sell is here, inside two smaller boxes that are ontop of a larger box that holds junk. The bad holds packages waiting to be shipped as well as my shipping materials. As well as a case thingy with stamps inside. I forget how I got that.

Poster from the Pokedex book.

Ooooooold poster from Nintendo Power in like... 98

Somewhere in this house is about 4-5 other Pokemon posters, and the insert from 2BA master is on my wall under my clock.
I also got a Mewtwo Strikes Back art book a couple days back. I'll probably take a pic of that when the other two packages I'm waiting for come in as well. (I'm also still anxiously waiting for my Y!J items to hit SMJ. Umbreon Kid ;.;)

EDIT: I forgot a question!
Is there anywhere that lists the toys given out at KFC forever ago?
I only have the Ivysaur and I've TOTALLY forgotten what the others were x.x
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