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I have had this set of 45 "sticker cards" for... eight or nine years now and I have absolutely no idea what they are for/from. It occurred to me that this would probably be the place to ask about them since I have always wondered and have neither seen mention of them anywhere, nor the art that's on them. A lot of the less popular Pokémon had cards (like Staryu and Tangela), so I'd like to get a few more of them if I could. What are they, and does anyone know if there are more of them?

One side appears to be a sort of playable card game, but the back of the card is a holographic sticker with lots of random promotional art from the days of the original 151. These are RGB generation, possibly even pre-Yellow version and all art (on the front) is done by Ken Sugimori as far as I can tell.

Here is a shot of the front of one of the cards (featuring Vileplume and Eevee).

Instead of posting individual pics of all the cards, here's an icon post I made back in November that used all of the images of the cards I have. Anything ring a bell for anyone?

Does anyone have a clue about these cards?
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