RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New friends

Hi again Pokécollectors ;).

Today had arrived to my house another package, sent by
heerosferret , I thank her by email and comment her that arrived, but I want to show you ^^

Summing up: Luxray plush, rubber figure of Cyndaquil, a folder to keep the eeveelutions cards and a keychain of Leafeon.

Here you have!

The little Shinx was sitting, watching how the days passing, and at last, ...somebody visit him!.

The draw of Luxray is so cute but, ¿what this....?.

The bag started to open, it was his mother!.

Little Shinx is at last with his mother and they never´ll separate.

But it wasn´t all... his mother made a friend, and come with her. Now little Shinx have a friend to play with!.

The end.

Hum... I can´t tell stories very well XD but I wanted to do something like this.... there are the rest of the photos.

God, is so cute ;-;U.

Keychain and the folder ^^.

Se finnish :3.

Tags: cyndaquil, eevee, leafeon, luxray, plush, shinx
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