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Auction TCG: Espeon Umbreon Star/Shining, and Here Comes Team Rocket


Umbreon and Espeon Star auction ended early with a trade-

Traded off for a Lugia EX to prguitarman.

Second is the original printing of "Here Comes Team Rocket" which was a chase card for that set. It is Holo/foil but you can't really tell in that picture. I will say I'm judging this card to be near mint. The front is fine, no scratches or fading. So you if only care about that the front is mint. The back has SOME edging around the sides, and there are a few black pin point marks. (This is common in the older cards.) So yes a very near mint. Comes in sleeve and top loader as well.


I am in the US, so shipping in US is 2.00 Shipping outside of US is 5.00. I buy nice bubble packages to mail my cards off in. Paypal would be my only terms of payment.

If you win both of course shipping is combined.

This auction will go on till Saturday 10 PM EST. I also like to toss in freebies depending on how high the bidding goes. But each winner will recieve some sort of freebie :3

Thats it happy bidding and feel free to ask any questions.
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