Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

bell plushies auction is OVER!

here are the total bids. please paypal the amount you bid + 5.50$ s/h (the one of you with two plushies, it is $6.50!) to MY LJ with the bell plushie you won in the subject!!

thanks guys! i hope you love them :D if you pay in the next 15 hours i can have them sent tomorrow, if not, due to finals, i won't be able to send them for another week (possibly).

Pikachu 2: $12 (jaebird) PAID
Poliwhirl: $10 (chrissii) PAID
Charmeleon: $12 (kari_xii) PAID
Snorlax: $11 (waifusneverdie) PAID
Wartortle: $18 (gc_chicken) PAID
Slowpoke: $10 (lazer) PAID
Pidgeotto: $15 (norkia) PAID
Psyduck: $10 (jaebird) PAID
Pikachu 1: $12 (rini124) PAID
Scyther: $15 (gearpony) PAID
Electabuzz: $12 (pikachuashnat) PAID
Ivysaur: $10 (juumou) PAID

Dratini: $25 (quaizr)
Oddish: $12 (castform)
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