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Sorry to add to the ever-growing pile of sales posts, but I really need to get rid of some stuff FAST because I have nowhere to put it all. D:

-All prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping.
-Shipping for figures starts at $2 within the USA and $3 international, while bulkier items may cost more to ship. The cost covers postage, packaging, and Paypal fees (if applicable).
-I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and Paypal regardless of location.
-While I prefer to sell these to make space, I'm also open to trade for any of these items.
-All purchases include free random TCG cards and stickers just to say thanks~

Zukan & Misc. Figures:

Uxie/Mespirit/Azelf zukan - SOLD
Swinub/Piloswine zukan - SOLD
Heatran zukan - SOLD

MIB TOMY Salamence - $5
Drapion kid - $4 (comes with original box & sticker)
Burger King Lugia card - $4 (comes with Lapras's base, but it still fits!)

Burger King Mini-Gameboys:

COMPLETE Mareep set - SOLD
Psyduck w/ Eevee cartridge - $3
Mareep w/ Dragonair cartridge - $3 (3 in stock)
Jigglypuff w/ Nidorino cartridge - $2 (sound does not work)
Psyduck w/ Nidorina cartridge - $2 (3 in stock)
Sunflora w/ Kadabra cartridge - $2 or FREE with any purchase (4 in stock)

For every $10 you purchase, you can get one $2 GB FREE (this stacks on top of the free Sunflora offer)!


Scary Kyogre hat - $3 (Why did I buy this? D:)

Thanks for looking, and if ou have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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