No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]


Hey all! =D

This is a half selling half trading post. Though, I will have a collection post soon...just waiting for a few items to arrive ^___^ (actually...some of my collection is in this post)...


Everything in Green is: $2.50
Everything in Blue is: $2.00 (except for Heracross: $1.75)
Everything in Red is: $1.50
Everything in Pink is: $0.75
Everything in Yellow is: $0.50

*note: I have more if there is a particular Pokemon you collect, ask ^_^!*

Trading? I love Ralts and his evolutions...I am trying to complete (kinda xD) his "card collection" So...I am looking for any cards that I *DO NOT* have in the below picture...And I am crazy and like having regular/reverse of each card ^^; So yeah...if you have any you are willing to trade...go for it =D I'll trade for cards of equal value...for example, common for a common, etc =D (I also love Mewtwo, Drowzee and Hypno ^^)


Shipping will be $1.00 in the USA&Canada, $2.00 for the UK&Europe and $2.50 everywhere else =D! (I also can only accept paypal at this time)
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