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The Yin and Yang of the Two Weasels

First of all, amirrorstwin, I got the Monferno pokekid and Starly figure... which, for once, I didn't break. >_> Thanks for including Monferno's sticker, too!
juumou, eknock, and papersnow, your stuff was sent yesterday~ :D
I also got these guys from the Pokemon Center yesterday!

TOMY!Kyogre's little brother and Noctowl! I'm SO glad I went ahead and got Noctie; looking at the pictures, I initially thought the pokedoll looked odd, but as a bird collector I thought he'd be a nice addition anyways. He looks sooo much better in person. ♥

Second, the entire point of the post:

Quilava represents fire, modesty, and being overshadowed.

Holy crap, this picture is awful.

I used to have a dup of the Quilava battle museum figure, but I gave it away as part of a Christmas present. Other than that and a card or two... not much of an update. I hope to find a place that doesn't suck for taking pics of my cards AND figures together.

Buizel represents water, pride, and being a marketing whore.

I never got a closeup of my figures, so after getting the round plush and new pokekid in the mail yesterday I decided to snap a photo. I also have the swimming kid coming in the mail. :D
Also, since my plushie gang never changed (aside from the above addition), here's the old photo from before:

And that is the contrast between Quilava and Buizel.
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