regen (regen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LOTS of items for sale!

I've got an assortment of keychains, figures, zukan, and Mega Bloks available for sale. All are in mint condition [most in original packaging] unless otherwise noted, and prices are listed in USD.

Please read the following payment and shipping notes before placing an order!

Payment: I prefer PayPal for payments, and I do accept credit cards. Please let me know if you need to pay using an e-check. I am located in Canada so although I am willing to accept money orders, please get in touch with me and we can try to work something out.

Shipping: Unfortunately most of these items are classified as packages in the eyes of Canada Post and shipping packages here can be a little ridiculous. These are the flat shipping rates I can offer for bubble mailers based on what Canada Post charges:

Within Canada: Please comment with your postal code
United States: $6.50
All other international destinations: $6.75

Shipping will be charged on the first item purchased, and all other items will be shipped at no additional shipping cost. This essentially means that there is free combined shipping. Please note that exceptionally large orders or items may result in an additional $2 shipping charge because they will be shipped in boxes to ensure a safe delivery. Oversized items have been marked accordingly. In addition to combined shipping, all orders will receive complimentary gifts. The most economical way to make the best of these shipping rates is to purchase more than a single item. Not only will most orders receive free combined shipping, but you'll also be receiving free gifts to make up for it. Contact me if you have any questions! :]

Okay, enough of the gritty details. Here are the items!

Jirachi UFO, mint with tag. I ended up with a duplicate by accident. $12.00
Requires additional $2 shipping

Clear Legendary & Pokédex Keychains: $3.50 each
Lugia / Celebi / Lucario & Mew [no Pokédex] / Ho-Oh / Zapdos / Moltres

Legendary & Pokédex Charms: $3.00
Moltres / Lugia / Celebi / Articuno / Mew & Lucario [no Pokédex] / Zapdos / Ho-Oh [on hold]

Japanese Legendary Charms: $3.00
Mewtwo / Lugia / Celebi / Mew / Deoxys

Pokéball Image Projection Keychains: $3.50
Rayquaza / Milotic / Groudon / Spinda / Grovyle / Combusken / Marshtomp / Kyogre / Geodude

Pokéball Roller Stamps: $3.50
Sample of Jirachi stamp included in preview
Combusken / Flygon / Azurill / Wynaut / Spheal / Marshtomp / Grovyle

Vending Machine Figures Set 1: $4.00
Pikachu / Latios / Latias / Entei /Celebi

Vending Machine Figures Set 2: $4.00
Pikachu / Lickilicky / Gallade / Palkia [on hold]

Attacking Pokémon Figures: $4.00
Skitty / Attack Deoxys / Regice / Latios / Groudon

Bound Balls: $5.00
Phanpy / Pikachu / Munchlax / Wobbuffet

Jirachi Regular Kid: $3.00 / Clear Kid: $4.00

Jirachi figure, approximately 4.5" tall: $6.00
Requires additional $2 shipping. Small paint transfer on right side, see image for close-up.
Currently on hold for frugrow

Flygon & evos zukan: $7.00
Shiftry & evos zukan: $6.00

Skitty/Delcatty zukan: $6.50
Zigzagoon/Linoone zukan: $6.50

Slugma/Magcargo zukan: $5.00
Volbeat/Illumise zukan: $5.00
Wingull/Pelipper zukan: $5.00
Tentacool/Tentacruel zukan: $6.00

Magikarp zukan: $5.00

Groudon zukan: $8.00
Tyrogue & evos zukan: $7.00

Gligor/Dunsparce zukan: $5.00
Mankey/Primeape zukan: $6.00
Hoppip & evos zukan: $6.00
Cleffa & evos zukan: $6.50 [on hold]
Scyther/Scizor zukan: $7.00

Buneary/Lopunny zukan: $6.50
Budew & evos zukan: $6.50

Small Mega Bloks: $0.75 each or 5 for $3.50
Large Mega Bloks: $1.50

AND I THINK THAT'S IT. :D If I am holding an item for you, please let me know if you are still interested. Otherwise, don't hesitate to comment with any questions you might have! When commenting with an order, please include your country and payment method. :3

Edit There are lots of items left. ^__^
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