Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


I am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY it has taken SO LONG for me to send bell plushies/sunyshore orders. i have literally not had enough in my wallet to mail everything. i have gotten a few things out but the majority is a good 200-300$ in shipping and it is taking an UNGODLY amount of time to come over from my paypal. i am SO SORRY you guys ;_; it will all be out by early next week AT THE LATEST, as I can't mail things on weekends in Japan. I am really so sorry. Please forgive ;_;

Second of all, the QWEST for my Last Luxray Plushie will end in 24 hours... I extended it by a day because I was so dumb about putting a deadline in. Manectric here would like to show off the lovely lady in question! (She's a bit "wrapped up" at the moment, her poor earsies... YES you do get the bow for her! A real Harajuku bow, WOOOOOWWWW :D)

Want her? Check out THIS POST to see how you can win her, or some Pokemon Kids if you are a runner up! Remember- get your stuff in in the next 24 hours! Email it to me or comment in my private LJ with your drawings. I love EVERYTHING I have gotten so far, thank you so much guys!
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