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Notes and new arrivals

anuvia and warandromance, I got your packages yesterday. :D Thanks!

To those who bought stuff from me, please let me know if/when you get the packages! I just hope that the mail doesn't eat them. D:

For the real point of this post, I just want to post a few things I've gotten lately; most of it is Kyogre stuff that I got a few weeks ago and was originally going to wait to show them off until my SMJ box arrived (with more Kyogre junk), but since it just shipped out today... >> I'm too impatient. XP

Just note that this isn't EVERYTHING that I've gotten in recently, just the stuff I really want to post pics of.

More bird plushies! I can't believe I waited so long to get a Chatot plush, but while I've had MANY opportunities to get a Jakks Chatot... I just didn't really like it. XP The Pokedoll is too cute! Also, owl friends plushies from warandromance~ :D

On a side note, I'm seriously considering collecting at least one thing (be it a figure, plush, whatever) of each flying-type Pokemon; while I'm mainly focusing on the birds (and therefore will mostly collect those), I love the dragons and insects as well!

Kyogre and Taillow TOMY figures and KYOGRE ZUKAN! I got these a while back and was ITCHING to show off the zukan, but as I said, I was waiting for other stuff to come in so I could post an updated Kyogre collection pic. XP But I do have the other zukan (open mouth w/ base) in transit from SMJ! :D

While I already had the Eeveelution binder, I just had to have this one since the artwork is just gorgeous. <3 It helped even more that I absolutely adore pictures featuring both Kyogre and Manaphy since I like to think of the former being a "big brother" figure to the latter. :D (And now we know what norkia's favorite Pokemon movie is.) I'll probably use it for my Kingdom Hearts TCG cards since I'm beginning to collect those as much as Pokemon cards.
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