Justin (moon_justice) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hey all... just wanted to sure my mini pokemon collection
i had ALOT of figures and stuff when i was kid but sold alot of it =(
but i have a few things i've gotten recently i nthe past few years that i LOVE and make up my little collection ^^

i also have the first season or two on VHS in english
y'know... the red spinned videos by pioneer
i LOVE those omg hahaha

anyways here's just two pics for now...<3

though, the pikachu slippers are going to my gf. XD

i picked this set up in chinatown TODAY.. i had to have them... so cute
even tho the paint job SUCKS and brocks eyes.. omg
though, they are LISCENED with tomy and nintendo trademarks on the back.... big ftw XD

thats it :D
im not as into pokemon as i was before
and the new episodes i dont love
but the little collection i have...i LOVE
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