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Huge Sales Post TCG, TFG, Toys, Auctions and more!

HI. Big sales post going on. But first I want to say I've recieved everything that people mailed me :D Scarsofsunlight (I think thats your LJ name. You sent me mew. Your Charizard is going out tomorrow. I just got stamps. Sorry for the delay. )

Now. Most of these are name your own prices. I do know the value of these cards though, so don't try to cheap me. HOWEVER I need money so Im obviously not looking for book/ebay value on these cards. They are ALL MINT unless otherwise stated. They are book kept. I have a TON of uncommons/commons that if you BUY something from me and you want me to check if I have something simply ask :3 I'll sell most of them for about .50 cent.

All of these cards are RARE FOIL/HOLOS or PROMOS.

I am doing one auction. And that is my Flygon EX.

http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff27/fernchu/twinkiecar068.jpg Bidding on him starts at 5 dollars.

*Kyogre (see above pic)

So here are my TCG for sale-


*Metagross Deoxys set
*Dark Electrode Team Rocket Returns set
* Chatot DP promo 14


*Pikachu Promo (it is foil)
*Celebi from the new D/P set sold
*Ho Oh from the new DP set


*Raichu (forget the set name)
*NidoKing New D/P set
*Tyranitar x2 New D/P set


*Ambipom New D/P set
*Armaldo Holon Phantoms
*Lapras Legend Maker
*Gardevoir Delta Species On hold for trade/Sale


*Poliwrath Fire Red/Leaf Green
*Nosepass Holon Phantoms
*Machamp forget the set name
*Octillery I can check if its important but the pic got cut off


*latios Holon Phantoms
*Sudowoodo Unseen Forces
*Camerupt Crystal Guardians
*Dusknoir D/P set


*Buneary DP promo
*NidoQueen Holon Phantoms
*Wailord Legend Maker
(spinda covered see post below I didnt want to make it look like I had two)


*Spinda Legend Maker (SUPER cute card)
*Mewtwo Holon Phatoms On Hold for trade/sale
*Ludicolo New DP Set


*Jinx Unseen Forces
*Jinx DP set
*Blaziken EX Crystal Guardians (UNFORTUNATLY this card is NOT mint. It has a slight crease on the text part. I was told it was mint in a trade and it came this way. It's still a beautiful card, and Im sure hopefully someone will give a good home. If more pics are needed I can gladly provide. )
*Deoxys Holon Phantoms


*Latios and Latias SET - Holon Phatoms. You get both of these cards in this set.


Trading Figures: ((Name your price))


*Wheezing (comes with his poison counters)
*Charizard On Hold till Friday the 8th



Latios and Latios Pokemon center figures. This is a set you get both of them. 10 Sold


Mewtwo Phone charm, Deoxys phone charm. These came in balls and I still have them both. Deoxys is new unopened. Name your price.




Deoxys paper mini paper. set of two from the Pokemon Center. I only opened it to see the pictures. Never used. ((Name a price))



Auction for my friend.

My friend is not into pokemon anymore. He has asked me to sell off his two binders of cards in one auction. You will get TWO binders. One binder is full of all rares/foil rares and is small. The other binder is big and has a mix of commons, uncommons rares and foils. I've tried to photo most of the rares/foils from his collection. His cards range from Fine-Mint condition. Most are kept in card cases though some do show some play wear. He has from base set, up till the first neo set. Some are Japanese though most are English









http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff27/fernchu/twinkiecar055.jpg (yes you even get the old league book :P )

Im starting the auction off at 25 dollars.

I accept PAYPAL, and can do international orders. Shipping depends on what you get, and where you are. Im in the US.

Any questions feel free to ask. All Auctions go till Sunday at 10 pm EST.

For the most part I need cash. However if you think you have something dealing with the following pokemon that I might like feel free to ask and we will perhaps trade: Umbreon, (any eeveelution but especially umbreon) Suicune, Absol, Raichu, Rayquaza, Mew, Sentret/Furret, Breloom, Houndoom/Houndour
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