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a hello, selling, and looking-for post!

hi, you guys! I'm new.. my name's jaqueline, jack for short. it may be a little surprising, but.. I really love pokémon! lol. I love it to the extent that I have a story and fantrainer, calico, who is a rocket. it's not shaded yet, but there's a an attempted-sugimori style picture of her here.

anyway! I'm really amazed by the collections in this community. @ @ if they only made more farfetch'd and golduck merchandise.

currently I'm selling a part of my collection to make room for pokémon stuff I really love ― i.e., plushies and pvc figures. there's a lot, not too many rare things, but the post is located in my sales journal: click! someone could give this stuff a much better home.

if anybody has the following for sale, I'd love if you'd let me know: pokédolls (lapras, noctowl, whooper, buoysel), the 24" sleeping pikachu plush, the large weavile plush, the japanese muumajii and spiritomb pokédolls(?), and any farfetch'd or golduck stuff I might not have besides for cards. I won't have a large amount of money until my next paycheck, but I can also offer to pay now in, um, merch trades or pokémon art of your trainers or favorite monsters and such things. ;;

I'll take pictures of the rest of the not-for-sale part of my collection when I get my hands on my boyfriend's good camera. in the meantime, a cellphone picture of two favorites:

thanks very much!
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