obakehoshi (obakehoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Sorry to spam, but I wanted to make sure these people saw my note. Please feel free to delete if it's not allowed. ^^;

heerosferret, junolover, happyjolteon, taycs:

-I believe I sent payments to you that may have fallen through. Let me know if they have and I will re-send them. Someone stole my bank account information and I had to close the account that was connected to my Paypal. As a result, all of the transfers got cancelled. One or two might have gone through before the account was closed and I wanted to check which ones did. I didn't make notes in all of the sent payments that let me know for certain which auction was which (I had a few from eBay also), so if you could please leave your Paypal e-mail I'll send out payment tonight again. I am REALLY sorry about this and hope you'll forgive me.

Bank account thieving is not cool, people. -_-

-Also, to the people that bought from my sales post a few days ago, everything will be sent out on Monday because I had to straighten out this whole mess earlier today instead of going to the Post Office like I intended. I apologize for the delay and hope you'll forgive me, but they will definitely be off on Monday. ^^;
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