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No one you know :]

YAY! Pictures! =)

juumou The items that my friend bought from you (for the both of us) have all arrived! Everything is great, thank you!!

ETA Added More Cards on Feb 3rd!

Also...I added newer cards to my sales post ^_^ usual, ask if there's a particular Pokemon you collect (just incase I don't have them pictured) Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle...OH MY (XD) Enjoy =D


Everything in Purple is: $3.50
Everything in Green is: $2.50
Everything in Blue is: $2.00
Everything in Red is: $1.50
Everything in Pink is: $0.75
Everything in Yellow is: $0.50
Everything in Light Blue: $0.25


Shipping will be $1.00 in the USA&Canada, $2.00 for the UK&Europe and $2.50 everywhere else =D! (I also can only accept paypal at this time)

***NOTE!!! IN the first picture...I also have a NON-RevHolo version of the Minun for $1.50***

Other Stuffs

(Below)Everything is $0.50. Except the Pokemon Fan Book ($1.00) SOLD!
(Dialga coin x4, Palkia coin x1, Craniados Coin x1, Pokemon Sticker Sheets x4)

Please! Take them away XD

I also finally got around to organizing my other collections!! (Though...this doesn't include a new picture of my Psychic Kid Army XD sorry XD) But yes...I finally got around to taking better pictures!! ^_^

(I have them as "one" I'll list below what the contents of both pictures are.) [NOTE! These picture DO NOT include the 'card collection' I have of each ^^; Sorry]

Drowzee/Hypno!(from left to right ^^)): Hypno and Drowzee Stamps, Clear Yellow Drowzee Figure, Tiny Drowzee Sticker ♥, Drowzee 'clip' (?) Keychain, Drowzee and Hypno Kids, Holographic Hypno Sticker, Small Hypno Case Figure (no case xD), GLOW IN THE DARK HYPNO! (and AMAZING gift from pikachuashnat!!), Hypno Stadium Figure (no base =\), Hypno Sticker, Hypno Charm, 'complete' Hypno Case Figure, Metal Hypno =D!

Mewtwo!!(Er..From back to front, L->R):Burger King Mewtwo, Mewtwo S4 'jumbo' Card, Glow in the Mewtwo, Mewtwo Case Figure, Mewtwo Kid, Mewtwo 'arms in air' Kid, Kaiyodo Mewtwo Figure, *sealed* Kaiyodo Mewtwo Figure, 4 Stadium Mewtwo figures (2 are clear ^^), Mewtwo&Mew Keychain, Mewtwo Action Flipz, Holographic and 'regular' Sticker, Mewtwo Pin!

And here is just the pic of my Gallade Collection again ^_^ Him and the 2 above are my "mains"...I know the Mewtwo isn't as big as all the other ones out there, but I love him and it to bits! ♥!

Gallade Stylus, Mini Figure, Gallade Kid (including Sticker and box), and I am sure where the right most figure is from o.O; Anyone know? And then...Japanese DP3 Holo and non-holo Gallade and the Secret Wonders Holo Gallade =D

So there ya have it xD Finally some new collection pictures. Thank you all for taking a look!!! =D

And just a random question, goku_the_saru I am just curious as to if you mailed the Gardevoir card yet ^_^ Thanks =D!!!


I forgot to add this earlier...but I have a Brand New *SEALED* 2008 FMA Calendar for sale: $10.00 On Hold for pikachuashnat

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