Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Collection Updates + Sales Reminder

Hi guys just wanted to share some updates from things I got within the community.


Rayquaza HUGE plush!! He's the new greeter for all my poke merch. Eeveelutions binder that is amaaaaaaazing. Its packed full of my favorite cards. It holds way more than I thought it would. And a cute little pikachu con badge holder. Eventually I will make art for it. All of this came from Sunny Shore Poke Mart! And my cat E.T loves the box it all came in :P

Also I got Friend's Plush of Jolteon and Sentret! These guys are SO SO SO adorable! I was told Jolteon had a lil wear on him but I dont see any at all he looks perfect ^-^ And Sentret is just so huggable.

And Mew toy I've been looking for for ages! Thanks so much scarsofsunlight ^-^


Also got from PRGuitarMan Lugia EX from a trade. This is what the inside of the eevee book looks like :3

And from TayCS I got a bunch of awesome cards like Charizard, Umbreon, Milotic. I've put them all in the eevee book too!

Thanks so much guys *^-^*

Also dont forget that I still have a sales post going on, and some auctions that if they dont get bids I'll just stick them in my sales post for a set price.


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