Space Buizel (spacebuizel) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Space Buizel

About The Previous Sale Post...

Thank you everyone. In the future I hope to put more different Pokemon items up for sale. :D

candycafe , magicpineapple , firebomb : The items will be shipped out Monday morning around 9:00 EST. Thank you! :)


raifreak : Are you still interested in the plush Flareon? You haven't responded to the last message I gave you. If you're still interested in the Flareon please give me your zip code so I can give you the exact costs for shipping.

goku_the_saru : I'll let you know if the plush Flareon becomes available or not. If not, are you still going to purchase the Mew promo card?

atomicstoney : I'll let you know if the Mew Promo card becomes available or not.

Thanks again! ^_^

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