Bunzy ♥ (aftertheheaven) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Bunzy ♥

Sales cont'd and shout-outs.

Hi :D

Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me so far <33 The following peoples' packages have been sent out (Monday, 2/4)


andyboyh, your package will be mailed out on Wednesday. I'm sorry, my money is transferring over from paypal and I didn't have enough in my wallet to front the shipping costs >____< I apologize. I will let you know after your package has been mailed!

Also, a reminder that there is still stuff for sale in this post. If you don't like the price on something, make me an offer :D

Also, 3 new items have been added (pictures pending...but I figure everyone knows what they look like anyway lulz)
Pachirisu kids $4
Zigzagoon zukan$7 ON HOLD
Zigzagoon TOMY Monster Collection $6
(Please read the rules in the original post <3 Thanks!)

Also, this is completely unrelated to Pokemon ,but I am trying to get some random plushies adopted here. Please have a look if interested!

Thanks again for looking! ♥
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