raichu_saana (raichu_saana) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Here're some newest additions to my ever-growing orange gerbil collection. This time with non-flat things too!

Adorable postcards from Ridi! I really like rodents (as well as dogs and wolves) so the picture is just PERFECT. Maybe I should scan this and print it in a poster size. xD

A Japanese, shiny trading card and a reverse holo TCG card from a trade with grrrowly. Sparkle, sparkle.

Legendary Collection Dark Raichu from taycs. Oh, I've been looking for this one for ages. I wonder if anyone ever bothered to buy this set's boosters when they were out there. o.o

Two keychains from a trade with carolina_suikun: "Pokemon Soft" keychain (that, awkwardly, isn't soft at all) and a stamper.

Finally, if you've got Raichu cards (TCG, trading cards, stickers, feel free to offer them), my trade post is still on:

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