Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Luxio plush! :D

Amidst all the commissions, I rarely make something for myself - so, after a few months of slow and agonizing progress on this guy, here he is, at 8 inches tall:



It all started when I was at Long's with my brother, and I picked up a small $1 plush lion. I thought, I could tear him to pieces and make a Luxio from the pattern! So, I did. After 10 hours, most of which was seam-ripping(because I couldn't tell which piece was which, and in what direction it should go), I ended up with a lop-sided body. Two months later I decided I should finish it, so I worked on the head and angrily hand-sewed his ears and each of his five head-spikes onto his round head. Finally, all that was left was to use my new iron-on transfers for his eyes. I filled up a page worth of many different Luxio eyeballs, since this stuff was $2.50/sheet. I ironed his eyes on, leaving the paper backing on, and then went to iron the mouth on - and found that I had printed the wrong size. It was tiny. So I printed another sheet for the mouth, and ironed that on. Ten minutes later, I carefully peeled the backings off to discover that all the white spots were clear. Or, light blue. And the yellows were greenish. Groaning and flailing, in my misery of not thinking to get black-shirt iron-ons, I painted over the eyes and fang. The next morning I sewed his head on, and a little satisfied, took pics and threw him on my shelf.
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