Raine/Neidus Bluetip (bluetip_echelon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Raine/Neidus Bluetip

My Time Pony Has Cometh Home!! *-*

Hai everyone, i haven't even posted my Pokee collection yet since i'm waiting for my other packages to get to me X_X It would be so much more attractive as well if i was already moved in to my permenant place and had them all on a shelf -__-


Look who i picked up in a huge ass box today at the Post Office!!

Yes i didn't do any caption pics simply because i was too lazy but i'm sure i will when i get to my new place xD

That's how big he is compared to me .___.

Thank you SO much kassichu for getting him for me...he's my pride and joy =D I'm so excited to have my Sleeping Munchy and Sudowoodo plushies coming in and now i'll have Dialga as well...these are my biggest Pokee plushies eva *-* This really made my day, especially with all the shite going on right now...really cheered me right up ^-^

EDIT: And wow my texted got effed up so i apologize if it's all ghey X_X
EDIT EDIT: I think i fixed it xD
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