Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Monferno love!

crimson_angel02, I received Monferno today! Thank you so much, and for the freebies <3

Also, on the subject of Moukazaru, I've been searching for these lil guys for a while -

I don't really want to get them off eBay - Because the sellers on there like to charge extortionate shipping prices. Amazon.com - I'd love to, but they refuse to ship outside the US where toys are concerned. And when sellers have them.... Please refer to eBay's reason for not ordering.
All I can offer is picking up some European toys / figures (Along with the money, obviously).

So yeah, if anyone has a store that sells them and all....

And, to end it off, a wonderful image of how tidy our TRU stores are (Or, mine at least).

And remember guys - This is in the UK. Double the price for dollars price (That's right - $7 for a pack of cards).
This part of the post asks this question - Is anyone else's local TRU (In the UK) this untidy? And, has yours started restocking merchandise yet of anything? >>;
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