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Multi-purpose post!

First off: To those who purchased from me/my selling journal, your items have been shipped. There's like... 8 or so of you, which is a lot to dig out of my mail inbox to grab LJ names for. They SHOULD get there within 3-4 days, two went to Australia, and I do not know dates on those x.o

1) I need one of those stands for the Burger King card toys. Only looking for the stand, preferrably the one Porygon came with (it's a blueish grey with an x design thing). $4 shipped for it? Will trade like... a plush and/or a couple figures from my shop for it.
2) I am in search of a copy of Pokemon Pearl. Around $20 shipped would be SUPER. It doesn't have to have a box, it just has to be able to play in a DS. (U.S.copy for event purposes please x3)

Third: lolshopad. Yeah. ragnablade. I have one box and three padded envelopes to ship things out in, as well as a photo mailer to ship lots of cards in.
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