Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Card, Azelf and Jakks.

Sorry about the huge image at first, guys! See, even I make mistakes with image sizing! (I just deleted it quickly so it wouldn't become an eye-sore.)


I posted about buying a set of promos with a group a month or so ago - well, I managed to snag the card by itself off of ebay, so I'm not going to do the group buy - sorry guys. :/ (Even with generous contributions, it was going to cost me $25 + shipping for the cards out of pocket.)

I also grabbed up the new Jakks Azelf today! (I collect all three pixies at the moment, but my favourite is Azelf, because he is me. =P)


Unfortunately, he came with two others that I don't really want - Wormadam (Trash cloak) and Kriketot.

Pictures are under the cut.


These guys are 2.00 a piece if anyone wants them.

I want Uxie and Mesprit very badly, but I have no interest in the figures that come with them. If I were to buy the other sets, would anyone be interested in Glameow, Wormadam (Plant cloak), Sudowoodo, or Roserade?
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