obakehoshi (obakehoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Minor Update

Just letting junolover, heerosferret, taycs, and happyjolteon know that I re-sent out payments earlier and I again apologize for the inconvenience. Hope to see the figure, plushie, cards, and zukan in the mail soonish!

Also, I shipped out everything people bought from me today so I hope you get them soon. I had fun drawing pictures on all the boxes, so I hope you like them. :D The Togepi/Pikachu box ended up being heinously large, but I couldn't find anything tall enough that wasn't as wide. Hope you don't mind a gigantic behemoth of a box. ^^;

And finally, scarsofsunlight and kari_xiii... Still interested in the Charizard box and Charmeleon bouncy ball (respectively)?
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