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No one you know :]

I also reorganized and re-took pictures of the cards I have for sale (ps: tis a HUGE pic ^^) as well as added some more. They are somewhat organized by type xD (I was bored when I did this XD)....some sections are crap quality -_-;; So...if you want a better picture or have any other questions...please ask...^_^

*NOTE: not ALL my cards are pictured...if there is a specific Pokemon you are looking for...ask =D


Everything in Purple is: $3.50
Everything in Orange is: $3.00
Everything in Green is: $2.50
Everything in Blue is: $2.00
Everything in Red is: $1.50
Everything in Pink is: $0.75
Everything in Yellow is: $0.50
Everything in Light Blue: $0.25


Shipping will be $1.00 in the USA&Canada, $2.00 for the UK&Europe and $2.50 everywhere else =D! (I also can only accept paypal at this time)

NOTE!: If you buy over 10 cards (meaning, 11+) shipping goes up $0.50

*NOTE: Pachirisu Promo (holo) - On hold for kari_xiii

Other Stuffs</b>
(Below)Everything is $0.50. Except the Pokemon Fan Book ($1.00) SOLD!
(Dialga coin x4, Palkia coin x1, Craniados Coin x1, Pokemon Sticker Sheets x4)

Again...FMA Fans...

Braned new *SEALED* FMA 2008 Calendar: $10.00

*On Hold For pikachuashnat at the moment =D

And one more thing! I've been looking for the Gallade Chou Getto (pictured under the cut) Do any of you know where I may be able to find him? Or have one for sale? Thanks =D!

Thanks all!!
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