larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update + new items in shop!

today, I conquered not one but two Chou collections. mighty pleased with myself!

the eeveelutions are AMAZING, don't you think? especially the twee eevee in the middle! and best thing is, i only turned one unown. was dead worried i'd have tons of them (it'd be like neo destiny all over again =/)

I also completed another collection.

also, i am strangely obsessed with these fat lil' squirter figures. i started with the 'chus, piplup and gible, but once I saw the milotic i was hooked and decided to track down the other pieces. (still missing a manaphy, would go hunt it down tomorrow!)

also, i have added tons of exciting new items to my shop. some of the additions include:
growlithe, houndoom and houndour kids
espeon, umbreon, and leafeon kids

eevee, umbreon and espeon chous
finneon and drifloon chous

raikou zukan
carnivine/cherrim zukan
milotic/gible/palkia squirter figures

(Proceed to larvitarscar's shop!)

finally, to help you kill your midweek blues, here are pictures of random sightings in a sushi restaurant.

have a good week guys!
Tags: bibarel, blissey, bronzong, buizel, carnivine, chatot, drifloon, eevee, espeon, finneon, gallade, giratina, growlithe, heatran, ivysaur, magmortar, moltres, pikachu, piplup, raikou, shinx, tangrowth, tyranitar, umbreon
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