Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SMJ and Eevee Pokedoll for sale/trade

Does anyone know how long SMJ takes to send a shipping invoice and do they send the invoice as soon as they send the stuff? My items were listed as shipped as of Friday night and I chose USPS Priority shipping, but they still haven't arrived and I've yet to receive a shipping invoice. :|

In the meantime, I have this Eevee pokedoll up for sale/trade:

I'd really prefer to trade it for a plushie on my wants list, but otherwise I want to sell it for $20 USD shipped to anywhere. I accept paypal from anywhere and concealed cash/money order within the US (at your own risk). I can provide alternate angle pics upon request.

EDIT: I forgot to say: papersnow, I got the Skarmory pencil topper today! The only thing is that the postman charged me an extra 72 cents due to insufficient postage, but it's on me since I love it so much. <3 Thank you!

EDIT 2: Incidentially, I just now got the invoice. >_>
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