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"...And family grow again"

New family members arrived today(thank you again, carolina_suikun). And they're Latios-Pokedex figure(japanese import) and Lucario-bottlecap figure. But post have been violent again.

lucario.png picture by wolfhond
He is so small, but so cute.

latios.png picture by wolfhond  latios2.png picture by wolfhond
(Sorry for pic's poor quality) He is also just little cutie, but post break his "base". There is a small fissure in it, but well. Fortunately it is small. <D

I was wandering around the city after school. In one store I saw Pokémon TFG-boosters in sale. And of course I bought one. :'D
skarmorytfg.png picture by wolfhond treeckotfg.png picture by wolfhond
Steel birdie and grass lizard. I wanted Absol, but Skarmory isn't bad. I like his pose. ^__^

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