Zellas (pandorazellas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

**UK buyers only please**

Hey all ^_^ I was advised to post this item here by someone in another community.

I'm currently trying to raise money to pay for a wig I need for this years Amecon convention and have decided to part with my Pokemon comic books. I recived these as a birthday present back when I was in Highschool so I'm sad to see them go :( I'm sure someone will give them a good home.

Set of Pokemon viz comic books. Set includes:

‘Pokemon the first movie’ vol.1 signed by Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and Rachel Lillis. Limited Edition #4117 of 8000. Still sealed in dust jacket with certificate of Authenticity. Never Opened!
‘Pokemon the first movie’ vol.1-4
‘Pokemon the first movie’ Pikachu’s Vacation
Pokemon TV animation comic – I choose You!

I would like £30 for the set, not including postage (I've still to get a price on that) I would prefer payment to be made by cheque but can use PayPal as a last resort since I don't have an account and would need to use my mothers (which she doesn't like me doing).

Pics of these items are under the cut

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