Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

SQUEE! New stuff!

My SMJ box came! That is cause for much yaying, but I was also disappointed to see that they screwed up and put somebody else's item in with mine. Sometimes I really wonder about the professional nature of SMJ... I keep seeing little things that really make me doubt. I saw a Google ad for another alternative that isn't Rinkya, but I forgot what it was, unfortunately.

Anyways, enough rambles. On to the PICS!

OMG this is the tiniest most adorable Growlithe ever! I think it's smaller than my minicot figure, but it's at home so I don't know for sure.
I wanna know how this was released! :) I'm guessing part of a little playhouse toy because the figure is so small and has no copyright info on it at all. The base is perfectly flat, so it's not a Stadium figure. Mystery solved! He came with candy. :D
I am just so happy about having this... because he is so small, the big blown-up photo on Y!J made him look really poor quality, but now that I have him he's perfect!

I also caved and bought the Metal Collection figure. Paid probably more than I should have, but I've never seen this figure anywhere else, and I'd kick myself if somebody else bought it. Does anyone have a near-mint one they'd be willing to sell? And is there a Growlithe in this set too? If so, I want that one too :)
Also got another little Stadium figure that's alright.

Also got a metric fuckton of cards and stickers. Some of these I had prior, but just never took photos of. Several bootlegs, but I don't care. :D
The Amada sticker underneath the bootleg pog is so amazing... it's both metallic gold AND transparent. WTFawesomery.
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