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Sales post - 2/7/08

Hey, guys! Yeah, I know... long time, no post. I've got some cards left over from my previous sale that I want to get rid of, so I'm selling them off at a reduced price this time around.

Brock's Rhydon - $3.00
Poliwrath - $3.00
Rainbow Energy - $3.50
Aerodactyl - $2.50 SOLD
2nd ed. Clefairy - $2.50
2nd ed. Wigglytuff - $3.00

Articuno - $3.00 SOLD
Vileplume - $2.00 SOLD
Chansey - $2.50 SOLD
1st ed. Machamp - $2.00
Hitmonchan - $2.50
Clefairy - $2.00 SOLD

Yes, all cards are holographic. All cards are in excellent/near-mint condition, with the exception of Aerodactyl, which has some damage to the card art.

I accept payments in Paypal only. My address is

Thanks! ♥
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