Tori (bat_bow_tie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Chamo chama chamoooo

So, hey! I know that I already asked this before, but there wasn't much of a response! So I figured I'd ask again, because I am really curious:

Who in this community is going to Katsucon? ^_^ I think it would be awesome to have a meet-up or SOMETHING. I dunno. This is my first time going to Katsucon, and the first convention I've been to since Otakon 2005.... So I'm excited.

Anyway, to keep this post 'on topic'... I just want to say that after Katsucon.. I hopefully will have more to add to my plushie collection, and my Torchic and Piplup collection ^__^ I can't wait to show 'em all off!!

Speaking of Torchic and Piplup... if you are willing to draw me a picture of my two favorite crazy birdies... I will also draw you something in return!! Haha.. I'm on a Torchic and Piplup high right now ^____^ I just love 'em... and I love fun poke-arts =3
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