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Blackjack Gabbiani

Collecting the Collector

So as you may know, I have a niche character interest. I absolutely adore Jirarudan, from the second movie.

(insert sarcastic "No, REALLY" here)

Well, I figured it was high time to show you my collection.

So how much can there be for a character who appeared once, eleven years ago?

Granted, this is heavily augmented by fanart, but still. And I know there's more out there than I have. And I have even more than I photographed! I spent about an hour looking for the sticker books seen in my Lugia collection post but couldn't find them, and I left out some fanart and the movie and soundtrack.

So let's take a closer look! But don't touch. That's just proper ettiquite.

Here we see some cards! I have more second movie cards but they have boring characters like Ash on them.

android_raptor sent me the origami Jiri And Birds for my birthday. His shoes come off! Which I didn't know until I picked them up to take the picture! And the felt head I commissioned at Anime Evolution this year.

Ancient Mew stuff! Yes I know the sticker is from the first movie, but it's Ancient Mew and we all know that has meaning to him. Also movie 2 adaptation (it gets SO MUCH SHIT WRONG) and more fanart! I commissioned Pensive Jiri at a con, and the one in the letter was a surprise from my friend vsyoravno.

Sleepy Jiri was a con commission (his book has the "I wanna be the very best" lyrics), Baby Jiri and Santa Jiri were gifts.

More con commissions! Tied up by the thieves from movie 5 (they *did* have that book with him in it at the end...), and fighting Eusine for a book on Johto legends!

More fanart (although I don't have the original; a friend did it online and I printed it out and colored it), plus some settei! The freaky chair lift thing, and a height chart with Lugia! Jirarudan is defined only as a vague sketch, which is kinda sad but it's the only production art I have of him directly. Plus a magazine article about the movie with a very nice picture!

Closeups of the settei.

A movie retrospective book that wouldn't stay open for pictures, more vsyoravno art (he's in the corner), and a nicer shot of the magazine. How is he built like that when he acts like he's never done a lick of work in his life? But then, it's canon that he was involved in the design of his airship, so maybe he worked on building it as well...? I donno, but that's the only theory I've got.

Some more fanart! The tiny ones are from a con (and the Rocket with him is Kaede from PokeWake. I was cosplaying her at the time), and the larger ones are bonuses from when I commissioned rubyconcream. The tiny girl running away from his fingers is Veronica, an OC from my fic Obsession. She's normal size in the story. I guess the artist wanted to make her a doll for the picture or something.

Movie adaptation with screenshots, "Art of Pokemon: Revelation Lugia" book, the giant promo card that lets you take the legendary birds from your opponent and use them as if they were your own (but it can't be played), more fanarts down in front (the sketch one has him with the birds in doll form going "I finally caught them all!"), and the fan! The fan is what I was waiting for to make this post!

Another movie retrospective, and a better shot of the sketch fanart.

More fanart! glanth did the painting for my birthday! He's holding Vileplume because that's my favorite pokemon, and there's a Lugia in the background. The other one I got at a con, and it's been hanging over my fishtank for years (I should get it properly framed).

...Now, there's something that I do have properly framed...

Settei of the Hikoukyuu's gallery and observation deck! I have them all nice in my den right when you come in!

Oh here, let me get the light for you...

There we go! I had to set the frames myself, with a bubble mailer and a piece of black posterboard. Took me forever to center the damn things.

But the best part is right here.

The movie 2 program book with Ancient Mew card. That's two pages right there; a clear page with the card holder, and the backdrop is a page of Jirarudan looking at his collection (although they just darkened out his stock art to make it seem like he's facing away. Also, the gallery in the picture is the same one as on the settei, which ISN'T the same one as in the movie! Especially the mural--that wound up WAY different).

Well, that's the tour! Like I said, there was a lot of stuff I either forgot or just plain couldn't find, so I have even more! And I'm always looking for more than that. What sort of collector would I be if I didn't?

Anyway, I know movie characters tend to have their fans, so if you're looking for Zero or Melody or Kidd or Tory or whoever, don't give up! You'll find a lot if you keep your ear to the ground!

And if, miracle of miracles, you're a Jirarudan fan, come join us at warewacollector! We even have a website of the same name.

I hope you enjoyed my collection! You can call it a collection when you can see it with your own eyes.
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