No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]

Shipping Update and Questions

Just wanted to let you guys know that, lazer and miss_fuu_chan your stuff was mailed off yesterday morning and warandromance the your cards for our trade were mailed out THIS morning =D

And I was just wondering...

goku_the_saru, I bought a Gardevoir ex card from you almost two weeks ago (Monday will be two weeks) and I have yet to receive it...So I was just wondering if that has been sent out yet...Seeing as the last time I asked you this in a post of mine you didn't reply.
fernchu, I was wondering if the cards I sent you for the trade arrived yet and if you sent the cards to me yet.

And also, merlin_the_wise, I just wanted to let you know that Gardevoir isn't here yet, but as soon as it gets here I'll let you know!!

And I am still looking for this Gallade figure if anyone knows where I can find it or if you have one for sale/trade ^_^

I still have my cards for sale HERE that I would really like to get rid of -.-; (or trade....or something -.-;)

Thanks all!
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