Balthamos (balt_lightning) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jesus, anyone who has bought from me read ASAP Very much asked if her/his ( sorry ^^; ) Stuff had come. I sent them a reply. But this does bring something to mind. HAS ANYONE recived anything? Because I can 100% Guarintee I sent everything out. If you have recived could you PLEASE let me know. I know 3 People on another community ( I was selling a Spyro the dragon toy ) had got there item. If you have not recived the item, I am ( when I have the cash, should be very, very soon ) Am willing to completely Refund you Because of the delay. I may say I am terribly sorry. I do hope people have gotten there items. Because I know how much this can hurt and upset people because its annoyed me many times in the past. But if you wish to continue to wait to see if your item arrives. Let me stress this enough, PLEASE let me know. Because if these items have been lost during post I will go mad. As they were close to me items.I am SO upset and am worried to hell if anyones been trying to get in contact with me. Sorry again TT-TT; If you want you can leave how much I owe if you want a refund and I will pay ( You can invoice me on Paypal. and I will get back to you ) Sorry again! I hope you have recived them and there being cared for =)
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