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flag got her first SMJ box! Let's see what's inside.

Why, it's zukan, over 150 pokekids, some lion thing, and something that's not like the others.

I'm just a Jigglypuff away from having a set of Pokemon Brawlers! I ended up tossing Pikachu into the bag of kids I'm going to sell, though, since I want to get the upcoming Volt Tackle Pika for it (what would be more appropriate than its final smash? ;D). At least Charizard, Ivysaur, and Lucario look battle-ready, but Squirtle... not so much. :P If anyone has an attacking Squirtle for sale or trade, I think it'll fit in with these guys quite well. :D

Also, Ivysaur was surprisingly clear. I'm not a fan of clear kids (with a few exceptions), but I'm torn inbetween wanting to keep him or trading for a non-clear attacking 'saur.

Anyhow, here's the kids I kept from the lot; flying types (STARLYYYYYYYY) first and miscellaneous ones second. I did end up weeding Eevee out and adding one or two (Minun and alt Lucario?) after pics were taken, but these are generally what I liked.

More Manaphy movie kids! :D Omastar is incidentially clear and awesome just like the clear Omanyte kid I bought a month or so back! Also, I totally did not see the flying Swellow kid coming. *___* Sure it has a shoddy paint rub on its beak, but it's nothing a little paint won't fix. I only saw its tail in the auction pic and I thought it was the sitting Taillow instead (the flying Taillow was pictured clearly). That means all I need is the sitting Taillow for a COMPLETE set of Taillow/Swellow pokekids!

Seaking was kept just for the lulz.

I did keep a few duplicates for shiny-painting purposes and (in one case) overall better condition, but I did notice subtle color differences between the ones I had (on the right) and the ones in the lot.

Odd, iddn't it?

Oh yes and KYOGRE ZUKAN!!!1

The open-mouth one is the new arrival. :D The clear Kyogre was also from the kids lot but it was pretty much the first kid I pulled out of the bag and I was so happy about it that I immediately ran off to put it with my other Kyogre junk, then forgot about it. But still. KYOGRE ZUKAN. I have both of them now! :DDDD

(On a side note I only recently found out that such zukan as Kyogre, Dialga, etc are only 1/50 scale and not 1/40 scale. I was actually wondering why Kyogre was so small when I got the first zukan.)

Also, I have the Zapdos zukan! Only it's not put together because I have no room for it yet. ;_; There's also the Lapras one, but I'm really torn between wanting to keep it and selling it. D: I guess if it doesn't sell in my sales post I'll keep it?

(Thank goodness that everything was intact and in a single box!)

And what does all of this mean? A MASSIVE collection update and sales post really soon! But first, bed.
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