Michelle (the Raifreak) (raifreak) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Michelle (the Raifreak)

Minor updates to my collection...

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted around here in forever! So I decided to update with a few things that have been added to my collections in the past month or so. =)

Raichu slippers! Speech left me when I finally found these on ebay! They're so small and so adorable! I can't wait to get them in a group shot with the rest of my Raichu collection!
Also, a notebook that my friend made me for Christmas...with Raichu on the cover! Yay!

Secondly, new Houndooms! =) The one on the left is a sculpture that I commissioned from trodgor-the-burninat on DeviantArt. The one on the right is a needle felted plush that was constructed by enchantmentsart! They're both amazing and I can't wait for a few more commissions of Houndoom that I have on the way! To see more pictures of the Houndoom sculpture go HERE.
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