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New Card Haul + Shipping Updates!

I got some awesome cards today at wal-mart! ALL my packs had EX's as the rares, and I got Kyogre EX as a promo for one of those wal-mart pack things. I have NEVER pulled an EX from an Unseen Forces pack before. I love the artwork for all of these :3 These *MAY* be up for sale/trade if anyone is interested....


Also people who bought from me everything is being shipped MONDAY. Me and my family have had that bad cold thats been going around, and we havn't wanted to do much of anything. Since I had international packages I wanted everything to go out at once. SO Monday is shipping day.

Also the two people who bought from me early on - one got a celebi card, the other got Misty TFG piece. Did you guys get your stuff?? Thanks muchly :3

Also Im going to the Great Encounters Pre release tomorrow, and Im going to be listing my findings there as well. I would love to set some trades up, I have no idea what sort of cards are in that set but once I see them I'll know what I want ^-^

Thats all~ Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
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