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Sales Post, Ebay Auctions


I've really decided to start thinning out my collection; I've collected many pokemon (TOO many for my budget and to keep my interest).

Under the cut are some auctions for Shiny figures, links to my ebay sales (sorry that they're a bit pricey - I paid quite a lot for some of the dolls), and also straight-out sales of kids figures and other misc. pokemon figures! ^_^ - Link to plushie auctions on ebay!


AUCTIONS - All auctions will end Wednesday night at 10PM CST.
Shiny Skitty: Has a few tiny, tiny marks, but is otherwise great - BIN is $15 - SOLD
Shiny Kyogre: PERFECT CONDITION - Starting bid is $16, BIN is $20 - SOLD
CLEAR Ninetails: Has a few tiny marks, but is otherwise great - Starting bid is: $10, BIN is: $15 - On hold for tsukiyashi
CLEAR Poochyena: PERFECT CONDITION - Starting bid is $8, BIN is $12 - SOLD
LARGE Dragonite Kid: One TINY mark on belly, but is otherwise great - Starting bid is $10, BIN is $12


KIDS FIGURES 1 - Charizard and Typhlosion have one or two imperfections, but are otherwise in great condition - SOLD; others are pretty much flawless. Arcanine - $7 - SOLD, all others - $4 each


KIDS FIGURES 2 - Raikou and Cleffa have a few marks on them; GARDEVOIR is a custom-painted Shiny - all others are nearly perfect - $3 each, Gardevoir - $4 - SOLD


MISC Figures - ALL are in GREAT condition, but the Kyogre bank has a mark of red on the underside.
Kyogre Bank - $10
Raichu Jakks - $4 - SOLD
Kriketott Jakks - $2 - On hold for castform
Wormadam Trash Cloak - $2 (ON HOLD FOR RIDI)
Dragonite V-trainer and Battle Museum Set - $6
Suicune TOMY - $4 - On hold for castform
Sneasel TOMY - $2
Ralts Pokedex Figure - $3
Lucario Pencil Topper - $3 - SOLD
Milotic Pencil Topper - $3
Cyndaquil Battle Museum Figure - $2
Dusclops/Kirlia Keychain (NEW, but removed from plastic for photo) - $5

I only accept paypal; shipping times will be within 1 week to a week and a half (though most likely sooner!); I'm starting to drive again, but I don't want to make many trips out to the post office just yet. ^_^;
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