Toraneko (darkyo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kids for sale :3

So, I posted last night about some Kids for sale. Apparantly the set I'd seen was different to the UK ones, and these look like they're Australian exclusives because the Kids in these sets are different. >_>

The ones in the front row are for sale. One would be $10 including shipping. I can't flat pack them so shipping is more expensive, unfortunately :/
Electivire is not for sale.
The rest in the second row are avaliable for trade only. I'm looking for Lucario and Mudkip Kids.

And the main star of the show..

The one on the right is the AU Dialga Kids, on the left is the JP Dialga Kids.

Side view for each, to show differences. The AU Kid has paint missing on Dialga's back fins, his neck fins, and the stripes that run along his body. The JP Kid also uses shiny paint for the stripes on Dialga's body.

I also still have these stuff for sale.

Only Brock and Groudon avaliable. Give me your best offer.

$5 plus shipping.

3 avaliable. $8 plus shipping.

$5 plus shipping.
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