rah rah Raira rah. (scarsofsunlight) wrote in pkmncollectors,
rah rah Raira rah.

Lookin' for some stuff :3

Hello everyone! :D
Lately I've been trying to grab a bunch of stuff for my collections (more that I usually do at one time anyway). For the most part it's been a great success...except there are a few things I'm pretty desperate for.

At the moment, I can offer trades more than I can offer money, but ask away! I mostly have TFGs available for trade :3 I also have cards :D


I'm looking for kids figures right now. The ones I want the most are charizard, ho-oh and typhlosion.
I'm specifically looking for are the two (char and typhlosion) that lineaalba had up for sale yesterday. So you can scroll down to see pics since I don't want to steal her image or anything lame like that :P Any ho-oh kid is welcome as well. I also am always looking for fire pokemon in general (like ponyta/rapidash, the chars, cyndaquil + quilava, and vulpix/ninetales)

Thanks a lot!

Also: anyone who I owe money to I shall send it out on Monday :) This means you pheonixxfoxx!
If anyone still has an uncompleted trade with me you can comment here. I think there's only two of you :)
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