kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets and mini sales post!

We've had a pretty good weekend as far as new Pokemon things go! No packages arrived on Saturday, but we hit the shops and picked up some Zukan from the local Game store ^_^

The photos aren't great I'm afraid...

We got three new Zukan this weekend - the Wiscash/Barboach may have the smallest figure I've seen yet! I like the Clampearl most though :)

New Kids! We got a clear Palkia which is fab - we seem to get clear figures when we buy from Tesco, and solid ones when we buy from Argos ^^; Very strange!

We also found these when we were in Tesco - Pokeballs with sweets and little figures in. The figures are surprisingly well painted for candy ones!

A few things for sale! Apart form the Chimchar and Dfirtloon (which are already reserved) - the kids below are dupicates and so are up for sale/trade. I know that the packs aren't avialble in the US, so we're happy to sell them for $2.50 each or trade for kids we don't have :)

We've also got a Mantyke/Mantine new sealed Zukan for sale  -  we're happy to sell it for $5.00 or trade :) Leave a comment for shipping quote for anything - they're all light so it wont be much!

Bonus! The following Blaziken figure is $1.00, or free with any other purchase :) We're just not big fans of Blaziken!

We're expecting more stuff to arrive this week - so more posts! ^-^
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