frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collections Update!

I received a bunch of packages last week from some people from the community and just wanted to post a picture of my haul.

Also, I'm still waiting for my Hitmons zukan...I'm not sure who I bought it from >_o  ( I should really keep a list of the people I buy from)  If you sold me the Hitmons zukan, can you please let me know if you shipped them out already? I remember paying for it almost 2 weeks ago...

Without further adieu....

Manaphy + Buizel evo line + Mantini evo line ( Stupid Remoraid broke off from Mantine >=T  )

My Zukans thus far...most of them came last week. Lol. 

Everything I received last week.  

Btw, kiraras_lemon  Everything you sent me was perfect! Even the stickers you used to wrap it up was cool.  Just one little thing, I'm missing the stick for the Aerodactyl Zukan and literally looked everywhere for it... I stole the stick from Huntail to use it as a temporary stick... If you still have it, could you please let me know? 

Lol. I'm not even sure why I bought this guy in the first place...He's just so cool looking though!
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