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Hi, everybody! Long time no see! Sorry I have been so dead! ;3; I have been in lurk-mode for awhile now, but, as you know, juumou and I are now in full swing gathering photos and data for the PokePlush Project, and that's rekindled my collecting enthusiasm. :3 I've been sorting all the plushie photos that you kind folks have been donating- you've been such a big help! ;3;

Still on the lookout for pictures and info of any plushies you have! At the moment, this is currently what we need the most:

- BELL PLUSH PHOTOS. Seriously. If anybody has pictures of these little rarities, we'd love em. We only have really small, low-res shots of most of them so far. (Seriously- they're about 50 pixels tall and blurry.)
- Pokemon Friends- We have a good number so far, but we're especially looking for ODD POKEMON- like birds, bugs, and the monsters that haven't had a lot of plushies made of them.
- Big Pokemon Center Plush. Legendary Dogs, Birds, Lapras (please!), whatever else is out there and huge and only available from the Pokemon Center. X3
- International Plushes. Dolls from the UK, Canada (lol PlaybyPlay), Europe, Brazil, Mexico- basically any (OFFICIAL- no HK bootlegs, please X3) plush that doesn't come from the US or Japan. WE WILL LOVE YOU LONG TIME.
- And we're looking for any plushies we've missed of the following Pokemon (We have the Pokedolls for all that apply):
Latios and Latias
Wigglytuff (we only have the Reversable Pokeball plush so far, and I am almost positive there are more)
First Gen Finals: Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur- non-American are preferred. We already have pretty much all of the American Hasbro ones, the fuzzy recall Tomy ones, as well as the cute Banpresto ones that came out in Japan last year. (Does anybody know if PlayByPlay made a Venusaur?)
- And, just generally, any obscure, old plush, the more random the Pokemon, the better!

So yeah, all are humble requests. Thanks so much for your interest, guys, this is shaping up to be awesome so far, and we can't do it without you!


The quality leaves a little to be desired. My camera is very old and cheap and the light is bad in here :<

First off, I have my whales, many of whom were gifts and purchases from you guys! :3


As far as I know, Mr. Zukan is all that's keeping me from being totally up to date! Knowing Pokemon, though there could be a whole Wailord trove I'm missing from the Czech republic or something. XD


This is a Wail fact sheet drawn for me as a Christmas present by the amazing 1954! (PS, she is open for commissions. X3)

A few more Wailmer things- my purse, my laptop, my cell, my second bed X3, which juumou has already shown everyone, and my ADORABLE WAILMER POTHOLDERS MADE BY scarsofsunlight THAT I LOVE!

Close-up of my cell phone charm!Wailmer and my laptop.

Close-up of the design on the purse my dear friend Rachel made for me!

My growing Bastiodon herd! Made of 50% Pokekids. XD

FACE'D!Bastiodon drawn for my birthday by my idol and roommate, Billy.

My other major Pokers collections.

The land of PINK AND GIRLY, also known as my favorite normal types. XD NEEDS MOAR PORYGON. I adore Porygon. I also have grown insanely fond of the whole 'Tung line after I purchased Politically Incorrect Lickilicky. I am very sad at my lack of Cleffas and Blisseys, however. :< And I also one day hope to grab a Clefairy Doll plush. Just because my favorite Pokemon are all big and scary doesn't mean I can't like femmy little pink fluffballs too, yes? XD

NIDOKING LOVERS. <3 I am also gaining more affection for Nidorina, too. <3 Also enjoy my teenie tiny Gliscor collection. I can't wait for the Tomy and the Kid and the Chougetto~ <3 Also, my Groudons and my lone Metagross. Got to work on getting him some friends.

And finally, my mini-shrine to my favorite grass and water starters. TORTERRA IS SO RONERY. ;3; And Bitchplz!Venu guards my keys and makes sure I remember them. X3

Kind of sparse, but that's because I am saving room for Bronzong and Giratina merch! And my Spheal line stuff needed some room. X3 And my Mareeps are hanging out because they can.

My little miscellaneous Pokemon wall shelf for figures I like that aren't in huge collections. Eevee fell and hid from me like.. AS I was taking this picture, and I still can't find the little buggaboo. >.> And I still need my Flareon Tomy to complete the base set.

Moar plushies. :D

And last but not least, my Koopa/Bowser collection, which is growing. He isn't a Pokemon, no, but I love him just as much. XD

I also have a buttload of cards, my pride and joy, but I will post them later. @3@

Thanks for looking! :3
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