Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Sales post of RANDOM STUFF

Like, for serious.

He's huge, guys.
He's about 14-16 inches tall, and weighs like... 2 pounds or so. Lookit my Dialga Stylus, he's DWARFED by it xD His only problems are a mark on his eye.
I would TOTALLY trade him for a big Time Pony plush <3<3<3
But other than that, I'm not TOO sure what to charge. Shipping within the states is about $8. Does anyone have any offers?


I have 2 sets of those round poker-type card decks. They're complete (but the images may not match the rest of the set, they came together and I had to split some things between the two). Er.... $5 for both shipped?

I'm also having a "I want to sell these plz" sale type thing.
Every unsold card here for $20 shipped.

Every unsold item here for $30 shipped.

(Paypal only please, it's a lot less hassle. International shipping costs more, so I'll have to add some onto prices. Things get shipped out every Monday or Tuesday.)
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