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Baby, I'm bad news.

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Arrrgh, HALP! :c

Okay, so I bought a beautiful Croagunk Zukan that came in a sealed package, so this is in NO way the sellers fault. Anyway, it came today, and with much squeeing and package opening I poured everything out on the table to look at and put together.

Notice anything weird?

There are three arms and only one leg for Toxicroak. :C

Croagunk is flipping adorable! ♥♥♥

Poor guy.

Do they make these kind of mistakes all the time with Zukans? Or... am I just the unluckiest person here? xD I don't ever remember reading about this happening to anyone elese.
Well, I was also wondering if anyone had the same problem or at least wanted to sell me the part/trade. I really love the zukan but want my Toxicroak to be whole, y'know? I don't want to have to resort to making him a limb (lulz, automail).

So! While I'm here, might as well ask something else I've always wondered!

Anyone know what these cards are called / where they came from?

These are my favourites! ...and I have lots more, but am too lazy to get them all.

I got them from a Japanese pen pal in 1999, I think. :3
Any help would be great!

One last thing, I'm also looking for the card mentioned in this post!
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