Rock Mafia (lazer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rock Mafia

Actually, this doesn't make sense.

AHAHA, I just now realized that all the guys on US Tomy Slowpoke are Japanese too. OHHH well. POOR US TOMY IS ALL RONERY. ; ;

I just got the Jap Tomy slowpoke today, but the original seller was less than smart and used a bootleg image on the auction. I thought I was getting an official Jap slowpoke with an all-pink tail, BUT NOPE. Not that big a loss though. Funny enough, I'm also waiting for a REAL bootleg to come in. 8D

Considering selling him, still not sure yet.

ALSOOO got a butt-ton of cards in today (including kanackering's :D), but I'm waiting for more stuff to come in first before I show it all.
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